Art from elsewhere, The MOMENTUM Collection @ LAGOS


ART from ELSEWHERE: Mexico City

The MOMENTUM Collection @ LAGOS

Part of Mexico City Art Week 2023 & the First Event Launching the Cultural Program of the 30th Anniversary of Berlin & Mexico City as Sister-Cities

2 February 2023 @ 20:00

3 February – 2 March 2023 @ 11:00 – 18:00


aaajiao – AES+F – Inna Artemova – Claudia Chaseling & Emilio Rapanà – Margret Eicher – Nezaket Ekici – Thomas Eller – Theo Eshetu – Amir Fattal – Christian Jankowski – Ola Kolehmainen – David Krippendorff – Milovan Destil Marković – Almagul Menlibayeva – Gulnur Mukazhanova – Kirsten Palz – Nina E. Schönefeld – Caroline Shepard – David Szauder – Vadim Zakharov

Curated by Rachel Rits-Volloch & Emilio Rapanà

Laguna de Tamiahua 3,
Anáhuac I Sección,
Mexico City, 11320, Mexico

Special Program for Mexico City Art Week:

6 -12 February 2023 @ 11:00 – 18:00

ZONAMACO VIP Event: [please RSVP]

9 February 2023 @ 11:00

CURATORS from ELSEWHERE: Exhibition Tour with MOMENTUM Curators


Saturday 11 February – Public Program

@ 20:00 – CURATORS from ELSEWHERE:Exhibition Tour with MOMENTUM Curators

@ 22:00 – The Berlin-Mexico Connection Party

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of partnership between Berlin and Mexico City as sister cities, and of Mexico City Art Week 2023 – and to mark the opening of LAGOS Berlin in partnership with MOMENTUM – we present ART from ELSEWHERE: Mexico City with a selection of work from the MOMENTUM Collection, Berlin. With 55 international artists currently comprising the MOMENTUM Collection, the artworks selected for this exhibition are by 20 artists based in Berlin, who are as diverse as Berlin itself. Presenting artists from China, Denmark, Ethiopia, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, and the US – they are all also Berliners. At the geographical center of Europe, Berlin is a city of mobile people and moving images, where art and artists alike are often from elsewhere.

Today most of us live lives of perpetual motion from one piece of information to the next, from one opportunity to the next, and – until the pandemic briefly stopped us in our tracks – from one place to the next. Mobility – both geographical and social – not so long ago the privilege of the few, is now taken for granted as the entitlement of the majority. Artists are at the forefront of this peripatetic existence, travelling the world for inspiration, exhibitions, and artist residencies, experiencing new places and cultures through the critical lens of the outsider, and then reflecting back upon their own locales through the prism of their expanded world views.

ART from ELSEWHERE is an exhibition about otherness; about communication and its opposite; about the many different ways in which we see the world and interact with it. Moving images move us, and artworks serve as windows onto the world. As we emerge after periods of isolation, and learn how to negotiate the new realities of a post-pandemic world, it becomes more important than ever to have such windows through which to gaze. In these uncertain times, they remind us that, for all our differences, we are all in this together.

The works shown in this exhibition focus on global issues, equally relevant to us all, no matter where we live or where we have come from. They reflect on the social and environmental repercussions of globalization and its impact on the transformation of cultural identities; they interrogate issues of identity, inequality, and poverty; they scrutinize the environmental traumas we inflict on our planet and its creatures; and they ponder the (un)quiet poetry, conflicts, and beauty of how we must live from day to day.