Meanwhile in New York… Gerhard Richter exhibits new works at Marian Goodman Gallery @MarianGoodmanGallery


An exhibition of new work by Gerhard Richter

May 7th – June 25th, 2016

Marian Goodman Gallery, New York

Over the past five decades and through a prolific history, Gerhard Richter has explored painting through a diverse range of ideas going from realist works based on found images and photographs, abstractions made with a squeegee, two and three dimensional glass works, abstract drawings, to overpainted photographs made from images of daily life.
This exhibition marks the beginning of a new body of work and a return by the artist to the process of abstract painting following the last major group of abstract works from 2009 and the subsequent period from 2010-2013. Richter’s commitment to abstract painting is based on techniques over the years, since the late eighties he has utilized the squeegee to render compositions based on a hybrid exploration of choice and restraint, control and chance, expressive gesture and mechanical execution, painting as an act and as accident. The important new cycle of forty abstract drawings in the current exhibition were created in the spring of 2015, and can be considered not preparatory studies for paintings but rather a kind of finale, which can be understood in relation with the introduction, crescendo, development and conclusion of the painting sequence.