Moby pública 4 horas de música gratuita ideal para hacer yoga y meditar

A través de su sitio web, el músico, DJ, compositor y fotógrafo Moby ha compartido cuatro horas de música ambient, ideal para olvidarnos del estrés por un buen rato. ¡Gracias Moby!
Over the last couple of years i’ve been making really really really quiet music to listen to when i do yoga or sleep or meditate or panic. i ended up with 4 hours of music and have decided to give it away.
you can download it for free below or stream it on spotify, soundcloud, apple music, deezer, youtube & tidal.
it’s really quiet: no drums, no vocals, just very slow calm pretty chords and sounds and things for sleeping and yoga and etc. and feel free to share it or give it away or whatever, it’s not protected or anything, or at least it shouldn’t be.
thanks, moby”

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